The Fixx, Glasgow
Melody Maker 9th August 1986

SO here they are at last, right en the verge. Megabucks are beginning to flutter out of the multinational sky for this band. and it is a sheer pleasure to say that they are an utterly deserving cause. Deacon Blue are now white-hot. Having championed the Ricky Ross phenomenon for some years, and traced with a mixture of fervour and frustration the uneven development of Deacon Blue over the last 12 months, it’ll be nice to say “I told you so” when the sister stadium feelings call this band to their undoubted American success. Now completely integrated as a band, they’re riding a high ‘which sends sparks of communicative joy to and from a highly supportive audience.

Okay, so this time it got a bit lumpy towards the end. Okay, so Lorraine’s stunning backing vocals were occasionally a little too reminiscent of the recent Simple Minds contextualisation of the howling female voice. The songs though are superb. “Chocolate Girl”, “Just Like Boys” and a messy “Undeveloped Heart” are all steeped in highly literate emotion. Ricky’s cheekbones protrude more all the time, just like a star’s should. The entire performance is more human, warmer, more complete than either Hipsway or Love and Money, the only two Glaswegian competitors to this kind of high-profile Americo-soul-rock. Deacon Blue. Frankly, I don’t see what can stop them now. The promised miracle is about to happen. Tom Morton