The Bible / Deacon BlueSounds  30th May 1987

Aldwych Kings College 15/5/87

Now that rock music has fought it’s way back into vogue, there’s a new question on the lips of a million A & R men. Is there room for old values of songwriting and the old hat of the 70’s student circuit? Hopefully not.

Because The Bible are just the sort of band you’d have to watch out for if there were. And outside of ‘Graceland’ (no relation), the classically featured pop song which first won them the public’s eye, The Bible are twee, obvious and wholly unchallenging.

However, Deacon Blue support band for the night are the exception which proves the rule. Towards the end of their excellently rugged ‘Dignity’, my companion and I turned to one another for one of those pigeon-by-numbers comparison sessions that all we ‘music journalists’ are required by statute to indulge in.

“The Waterboys,” said I. “Graham Parker,” said she.

As always, neither of us was entirely right. But still there’s nothing original left to do, and Deacon Blue do play a heroically moulded classically structured, boldly outspoken rock-to-soul crossover. Like Simply Red (oops! Another red herring comparison gets thrown to the sharks), but more earthy.

They have a brilliant backing singer called Lorraine. They’re quite easily the second best band on CBS, and, like the first best (clue: on DEF Jam actually), they too know how to throw a party.Roger Holland