Less Is More
Sounds 25th July 1987
Deacon Blue - Soho Marquee

MUCH HAS been made of Deacon Blue in recent months. Enough to titillate the tastebuds of the weariest of rock palates and enough to have the twisted hordes reaching for their bargepoles, ready to stake their claim in the queue for the backlash. And this time everyone will be disappointed - Deacon Blue are patently not the panacea that an ailing industry so desperately needs, but neither are they the fall guys in some arcane rock conspiracy.

The fact is, Deacon Blue are just too human to satisfy either demand - they are not cut of the same cloth as those self-acclaimed and semi-mythic rock messiahs and neither are they the stooges for another major label hit-and-run- Not since the Ravishing Beauties first hit the boards has a band seemed so totally at ease with an audience; not in a vile and high'handed showbiz manner, but with a genuine affection which serves to temper singer Ricky's semi-parodic macho posturing and prevents the band from straying too close to the edge. And stray they do.

The Stateside references (musical and verbal) are too glib to convince, tipping more than a sly wink to conventional rock mythology. And, boy, are they conventional, but you can't help admiring their cheek. Don't expect to be bowled over, but in today's marketplace, the smallest gestures are the most progressive. Deacon Blue say they don't want your trust. All they want is a little respect. And believe me, you could do a lot wome. . . Damon Wise