Roars Of Approval For Ricky
Dublin Evening Herald 2nd December 1989

IT TOOK a visit to Dublin to make Scottish rockers Deacon Blue realise they had teen ' appeal. The band, who play the Point Depot tomorrow night, were amazed at the hysteria which greeted them last May. There was none of the "he's a serious musician let's treat him with a bit of respect" attitude towards 31.year.old lead singer Ricky Ross. Scream after scream greeted his every utterance. .

When the hysteria continued he shouted: "I canna take this screamin' all the time". Even when he tried to'put off the squealing hordes by, proclaiming "I'm a big ravin' poofta - how about that?" he was only met with more roars of approval. The gig was one of the wildest seen in the National Stadium for some time - the audience went so dance crazy that all the seats at the front of the stage had to be removed. ' By any standards it was quite a gig - the band rounding it off and hinting -at their influences by a driving anthemic-like version of Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone. Eugene Maloney