Born Yesterday
Request - October 1989

Singer/songwriter/ex-schoolteacher Ricky Ross of Deacon Blue claims Burt Bacharach and Randy Newman and the Rolling Stones as influences. The rootsy influences, named after the Steely Dan song, made waves in Australia and America last summer. "We're just another Glasgow band, I suppose. It's not a scene in the sense that there's a lot of live music going on. There's a lot bands that play in their bedrooms and make demos. But we've played a lot, you know. The bands that stay together get paid together, or play together or whatever it is. If you play together a lot over a long period of time obviously it doesn't do any harm. The most unusual thing that happened to us on the American tour for When The World Knows Your Name (Columbia) was Rod Stewart and singing along at the Bottom Line in New York. We're going to come back to the States in October and tour until November. We're going to finish off this year back in the UK. So the road goes on forever."