When The World Knows Your Name
Time Out 5th - 12th April 1989

Scottish pop bands have always had a knack for that part of rock ‘n' roll referred to as brave pop’ — the exhilarating music that fills the mind with images of windswept days on Beachy Head and speeding down the Ml. During rousing tracks like the fine singles ‘Wages Day’ and ‘Real Gone Kid’ you ran almost feel the rain wash against your face as the west coast guitar sounds run hard alongside Ricky Ross’s gruff vocals and Lorraine Mcintosh’s smooth accompanying tonsil-power.

The vibrant 'Fergus Sings The Blues’ and country twang of ‘Queen Of The New Year' will have you square dancing in no time. One can’t help but resist drawing comparison with Prefab Sprout on the slower, more contemplative ‘Love And Regret’ and ‘Sad Loved Girl’ but these tracks don’t suffer for it all though the rest of the album tends towards general catchiness. Nothing to change your diet for, but one of spring’s most hopeful releases. Laura Lee Davies