When The World Knows Your Name  
Q Magazine April 1989

Top 50 Albums Of 1989 Round Up

This second album displays all the swaggering self-confidence expected of a band whose first release stayed in the UK charts for almost two years, as Deacon Blue tailor their approach with one eye on the larger auditorium. However, they've avoided going for the simply created, would-be anthem and made sure that within every air- puncher there lurks a delicate melody. Thus as the chunky rock , rhythms, musculor guitar work and huge vocal gestures are put together with the same attention to balance and fine textural detail as they've always employed, the volume has successfully been turned up with no discernible loss of quality. And in remaining so heartwarmingly buoyant, Deacon Blue edge further towards the stadia frequented by leader Ricky Ross's heroes Springsteen and U2.