The Big Picture
Melody Maker 6th October 1990

WILL Ricky Ross’s leather perv-pants slip their moorings and wend their way to his ankles? Whose idea was it to extend “Love And Regret” to nine and a half minutes? Why does Lorraine McIntosh dance that way? Imponderables like these present themselves willy-nilly as Deacon Blue’s new video, “The Big Picture, Live” (CMV, £12.99) meanders through its video-verite documentation of the DB in-concert experience. You’ll have plenty of time to mull over possible answers during 86 minutes of the Deaks doing their stolid thing in Glasgow last December. No funny camera angles or visual cut-ups obtrude on the action, which essentially consists of Ross and consort McIntosh trading “meaningful” (yuk) stares as they work through 14 generic rockfunk opuses. Sitting through them all, “intense” and unadorned as they are, is one of those mettle-testing episodes that doesn’t make you stronger or nobler, just more tired. For very fanatical fans only. Caroline Sullivan