Ooh Las Vegas
Unknown Publication November 1990

And there goes Deacon Blue’s last thread of credibility. ‘Ooh Las Vegas’ is an album full of self-importance, yet which manages to say absolutely nothing for well over an hour. A twenty-bloody-three strong collection of B-sides and out-takes, it meanders on for four sides full of sombre, morose warblings. It’s all so grandiose, so theatrical and completely boring. To form any real opinion of such a lengthy album, repeated listening becomes a necessity. But can anyone fan or not — spare the time? the patience? And without a single outstanding track, there isn’t much in its favour.

In original form, as flip sides to various singles, each served its purpose as value for money, but here crammed on to one double album songs serve only to further line the band’s already deep pockets. Those expecting another ‘Dignity’ or ‘Real Gone Kid’ will be sorely disappointed as nothing even comes close. Each track, though perhaps majestic and epic in feel, bumbles on and on without getting anywhere interesting at all. It simply (and sadly) blends into one long fatuous dirge. Initially, of course, it will shift a few copies, but this is undoubtedly destined to collect a lot of dust on a lot of shelves. Fat with pomp and positively obese with circumstance. Nick Duerden