They're Back And Lovin' It
Dublin Evening Herald 27th December 1991
Dublin Point Depot 26th November 1991

SCOTTISH oufit Deacon Blue took a risk that paid off during what' has become. their annual visit to Dublin.Pushing out the boundaries of their sound to embrace arrangements.which hinted of: Jazz and blues lnfluences, they concentrated for . the most part on new material, avoiding the. temptation to serve up a greatest hits package.Many of the fans at the Point Depot last night were in their early teens, yet Deacon Blue are far from being Just another bland teenybop outfit.Front man Ricky Ross, and co-vocalist' Lorraine Mclntosh Injected plenty of passion into the songs which veered from the half-spoken emotive lyrics of The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail to the energy of Twist and Shout.

During a previous visit Ross gave fans a version of Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone and last night he served up his own interpretation of the John Lennon ' 'Plastic Ono Band's' Instant 'Karma, together with an almost Clannad-style treatment of the Robert Burns poem Green Grow the Rushes O. Their set included a fair smattering off their current album Fellow Hoodlums and won two encores from the yelling, stomping crowd. Finishing up with the 1989 hit Fergus Sings The Blues, Ross seemed genuinely delighted but somewhat puzzled by all the hysteria.Eugene Maloney