Singing The New Blues!
Daily Record 20th February 1993

DEACON BLUE have a real no-nonsense message for their fans, as they kick-start an exciting new phase in their phenomenal pop career.

For the band feel that, musically, it’s time to move on ... and to hell with the consequences. On March 1, the Glasgow group release their fourth studio album, Whatever You Say, Say Nothing — and it marks a radical departure in style. Singer Ricky Ross told me: “We needed a change, so this is less of a traditional Deacon Blue record. “If people want Dignity 10 times over, good luck to them. They should stay home and listen to their old Deacon Blue albums. “We’re certainly NOT going to do that. It’s a dead concept for us. If people are put off by the new songs — fine!” “This is a very up LP. There is less keyboards and singing on the tracks — we wanted to leave more holes in the songs.

Deacon Blue launch the new LP with Scottish gigs at Ingliston Exhibition Centre on March 31, and Glasgow Barrowlands on April 2, 3 and 4. Ricky has given me an EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of the LP — and here’s my track-by-track run down.

Side One:
YOUR TOWN: With its rhythmic guitar and muted vocals, this is a dynamic opener. The band’s best single — to date.10/10.
ONLY TENDER LOVE: A hard driving rock song, built on an axis of pumping bass and drums, fuzzy Graeme Kelling guitar and tortured Ricky Ross vocals. 8/10.
PEACE AND JOBS AND FREEDOM: Opens with some tasty Spanish-style guitar and leads to a catchy anthemic refrain. A winner. 7/10.
HANG YOUR HEAD: The least recognisable Deacon Blue song on Side One. Had me hooked right from opening “na-na-na” vocals. A great choice for a single. 8/10.
BETHLEHEM’S GATE: A mid-tempo song with U2 and Springsteen as musical reference points. Most obvious Deacon Blue track. 6/10.

Side Two:
WILL WE BE LOVERS: Great vocal inter- play between Ricky and Lorraine. And I love the ‘60’s feel of the female vocal chorus. A superb single. 9/10.
FALL SO FREELY DOWN: This wouldn’t sound out of place on a Happy Mondays album ... surprise, surprise. Nice use of a string section which builds to an almost gospel climax. 8/10.
CUT LIP: Rhythm track reminds me of The Who’s Magic Bus. Some nice piano, guitar and harmonica. Has potential to be big stage favourite. 7/10.
LAST NIGHT I DREAMED OF HENRY THOMAS: Can this white man single the blues? You betcha! In many ways, most unorthodox Deacon Blue song on the album. But lovely lazy number laid over an old blues song. 7/10.
ALL OVER THE WORLD: Intro was so Bob Dylan, I almost expected the group to break into Like A Rolling Stone. Another strong single contender, and a fitting climax to a fine LP. 8/10.