The Big Picture
Vox August 1994

December 1989, an enthusiastic Glasgow stadium crowd sings along as Deacon Blue run through their paces in a concert video that’s exstremely well filmed, edited and staged. And I’ve just run out of nice stuff to say. Singer Ricky Ross desperately wants to be Bono (or Springsteen), and he’s got all the moves off pat. But the songs aren’t there, and covering a few classics (‘Dark End Of The Street’, Randy Newman’s ‘Sail Away’) only shows up the paucity of his own material.

The semi-anthemic songs—Real Gone Kid’, Loaded’, Dignity’— ain’t bad, but they ain’t great either; you can’t imagine them being covered by anybody else. Third division stuff, from a time when even the second division was piss poor (we’re well shot of the ‘80's aren’t we?). If you’re a fan, 9; if you’re not, 1 Peter Hogg