The Big Picture
Q Magazine September 1994


The late Deacon Blueís Greatest Hits album was just the valedictory ticket for their grieving fans, but this concert film is far from the video equivalent, While it may be an unobjectionably straightforward shoot of a homecoming Glasgow show, it hails from 1989 and could hardly be the requisite comprehensive overview of their short, chartful career purveying that peculiar Blue brand of earnestness. Frontman Ricky Ross sweats buckets in rockíníroller black leather trews and offers up a dozen clues that heís a wannabe Bruce Springsteen trapped in a folkie Fair Isle soul. To the non-partisan, Real Gone Kid comes off as their one excellent pop song, Fergus Sings The Blues achieves some fervour in their standard soul-anthemic vein, Dignity remains a mawkish pain, nearly everything goes on too long ó and, in general, beyond the evident affability, itís not easy for the outsider to catch a taste of whatever transcendent something is being enjoyed by the Deaconly congregation. ** Phil Sutcliffe