Deacon Brew
Sunday Mail 20th March 1994

TOP Scots rockers Deacon Blue’s track record would turn most groups green with envy. It’s hard to believe it’s now eight years since the six- strong, close-knit outfit first got together in a grubby backstreet rehearsal room in Glasgow. But since those early days, the Real Gone Kids haven’t half grown up — and how..

An impressive string of hit singles like Dignity, Wages Day and When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring) quickly established Deacon Blue as firm chart favourites. Add a clutch of best-selling albums and a reputation as one of the most rousing live acts around, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out just what the band has in abundance — staying power. The Deacons are set to launch a 19-track Greatest Hits collection, backed up with brand new 45 I Was Right And You Were Wrong. And, over cups of afternoon tea (hey, rock ‘n’ roll) at a posh Glasgow hotel, the band tried to put their incredible success into perspective. Main man Ricky Ross explained: “When we started out we had no idea things would work out this way.

“I remember having a drunken conversation in those early days with a CBS Scout who was trying to convince me we'd sell loads of records if we signed. “I thought he was mad. “But he had faith, and over the years we’ve been lucky enough to be left to get on with making exactly the kind of music we like. “We’ve never gone out of our way to write a hit single. It just happened.” He added: “We thought the time was right to put out a Best Of LP while we still have control over choice of material.

Ricky’s vocal foil — and wife - Lorraine McIntosh, had different thoughts about their rise and rise. She told me: “I’ve loved making the records, but many of my own personal highlights have been our live gigs. “When we started to go big, it was annoying at times, Knowing that quite a few people were just there to hear the hits and couldn’t care less shout the rest of the songs. “But despite changing our sound over the years, we’ve managed to keep a large following of loyal fans “That gives me the biggest buzz. Crowd “I can’t wait to get back on the road and see the reaction to some of our older numbers. She concluded, with a grin: “Mind you, we’ll have to figure out just how the hell some of them go again. “We might need some help from the crowd.” Lorraine, something tells me that will be the LEAST of your worries. Russel Blackstock