Blue True To Their Hits
Irish Newspaper 19th April 1994
Deacon Blue at the National Stadium

Scotland's finest Real Gone Kids were back in town last night. Deacon Blue must be one of the most marketable bands around considering Ricky Ross, Lorraine MacIntosh and Co are maestros when it comes to radio friendly tunes. But live this band really come into their own with a raw energy and power. Last night was billed as the Greatest Hits Tour and the band remained true to its word as all the old favourites were here.

The rousing anthems Wages Day and Dignity were coupled with the more sedate and soulful numbers, including Raintown and I'll Never Fall In Love Again. In vibrant form, Ross began swinging a stage light precariously in the air much to the horror of the fans In the front row. Not to be outdone, the lighting personnel made sure the pyrotechnics were impressive and at stages lent a Close Encounters feel to the evening. Fans of Chocolate Girl were rewarded for the wait when Deacon Blue returned for their encore and duly impressed. "It's good to know you're still around," said Ricky Ross to the adoring crowd. "And a lot more sober than at the Feile," he finished. "You too," shouted someone. So while the Stadium wasn't as jammers as is the norm for Deacon Blue, a fair few turned up to sing their way through the songs and frolic to the antics of Ross et al. Mary  Johnson