Blue Night At The Stadium
Irish Newspaper 19th April 1994
Dublin National Stadium 18th April 1994

CONCERTS like this can leave you emotionally traumatised.With a substantial body of hits under their belts, Deacon Blue last night launched their attack with the brooding strains of We Will Be Lovers before blasting straight into a powerful rendition of Raintown. Ricky was in typical form, strutting with his trademark anxious intensity, and posing like some demented soul while Lorraine lorded majestically over the backing vocals. The set was building dramatically and Fergus Sings The Blues only served to increase the rising hysteria with its thumping bassline.

Hold Me In Your Swaying Arms served to' temper emotions slightly with its languid air, but only just. Real Gone Kid got things going again. Arter building up this charged atmosphere, the concert slowed to a rather easy going pace, Thankfully, the lonesome cry of When Will You Make My Phone Ring, proved to be welcome' medicine before the thundering Your Town ripped through the crowd, I'm A Natural Sinner curled some chest hairs in the front row with its sassy undertones, as did Ricky's rather charismatic hip twitchin' rendition of Twist And Shout. The ultimate highland rling- an' no doubt about it.Aileen O'Reilly