Ross And The Boss - The Daily Record 13th April 1994

DEACON BLUE couldn’t believe their luck when they were invited to a party to meet their idol Bruce Springsteen. Their brush with the Oscar- winning singer happened by chance, when the star’s man- ager came along to one of their New York concerts. Backing singer Lorraine McIntosh explains: “We met him twice and he was very, very nice. “His manager, John Landau, came along to a gig that we were playing at the Bottom Line club, where the likes of Springsteen had started out. “Rod Stewart was there and got up at the end when we sang Real Gone Kid and then disappeared out the door with his minders. “Anyway, John came over and introduced himself and invited us to his wife’s birthday party at his house outside New York. “Originally I said no. I didn’t want to go. It’s like meeting your biggest idol, I couldn’t handle it. “But my brother John and his wife Lindsey were on holiday with us at the time and they’re huge Bruce Springsteen fans and insisted that we go.

 “We thought it was going to be a huge party. But when we arrived the house was quiet and only five other people had been invited, including Billy Joel, Bruce and his wife, Patti. “Before we got there we were behaving like a bunch of morons. We were so nervous, it was part excitement, too. But Lorraine and her brother’s excitement soon vanished, when Ricky started giving The Boss some music tips. Lorraine added: “It was terrible. Ricky had a few beers and started to tell Bruce where he thought he was going wrong with his music. “He told Bruce to get rid of the E Street Band. I couldn’t believe it. John and I were just sitting there staring at the floor going ‘oh no.’ Ricky muttered: “I didn’t put it like that. I was just saying it was time to move on. Well, he’s not with the E Street Band any more, is he?” Lorraine’s brother, who disliked Billy Joel’s music had to restrain himself from makng his views clear to the singer.

The band’s drummer, Dougie Vipond, explained: “John really can’t stand Billy Joel, then, all of a sudden, he finds himself face to face with him at this party. “John felt he had to say something to him, so he marched up to Billy, grabbed his hand and said ‘Big fan Billy, big fan’ and walked away.” But Lorraine hit it off with Bruce’s wife, Patti. She said: “Patti said to me ‘Now you, Ricky, your brother and his wife must come down to our house on Thursday night for a barbecue. It will just be the six of us and it’ll be a lovely evening.”’ But after accepting the offer, Lorraine decided to cancel the next day. She adds: “I felt that there was nothing we could say to Bruce that we hadn’t already said. “All the stuff about how wonderful he is and how much his work has influenced us — he must hear that every day from everyone. I love his music, but I don’t want to get to know him.” Lorraine continued: “When Bruce played here last year at the SECC, we later joined him for a drink. We had a great night.”

The band’s Hollywood connections have paid off as they’ve been asked to record a song for a new film starring Tommy Lee Jones, of The Fugitive, and Jeff Bridges. Ricky explains: “It’s called Blown Away. Jeff plays a bomb disposal man and Tommy is a psychotic killer. The songs called 'Jesus Do Your Hands Still Feel The Rain' I had to get it finished very quickly, so I spent a day in my house recording it. "I would love to do more film soundtracks, but I've no desire to act."

The bands Greatest Hits album has just been released and, as Dougie explained, they didn't agree with the record company over the title. He said "They came up with Pride Of The Nation, peopl would be beating us up, eventually we settled for Greatest Hits." Matt Bendoris