Ricky's Really Cookin' Sunday Mail, April 28th 1996

Ex-Deacon Blue singer Ricky Ross has found the answer to solo success...

Sparing with his old band mate - his wife Lorraine. He says that after a hard day's work in the recording studio, he goes home and plays his demo tape... WHILE SHE'S COOKING THE TEA!

And if his first solo single 'Radio On' - out on May 7 - is anything to go by, they've found the recipe for success.

It's nothing like Deacon Blue, but it will delight his old fans and win him new ones. Despite enjoying his solo status, Ricky misses the camaraderie of the band. He said: "It's great going solo because you don't have to worry about other people or what they think, but it's kind of lonely too, 'cos I miss having Deacon Blue around." "We still see a lot of each other and we are all busier now than when we were in the band."

"The reason we split up was because it was time to and we wanted to go out on a high. Everyone thought it was because our drummer Dougie Vipond landed the TV job but that happened after we decided to split." "Then our record company tried to tell us what to do, and that's when we said: 'See you later'."

Ricky recorded his new album 'What You Are' - out in June - in Los Angeles. And he said it was a much more open way of working than anything he has experienced before. He said: "Back home the studio was always a closed shop with no outsiders allowed in. But out there, even the local policeman would come into the control room and give his opinion."

"Then I'd go home to my wife Lorraine, who is working on her own stuff, and we'd play tapes to each other over the kitchen table and be totally critical." Ricky will surprise a lot of people with his new sound. It's got big guitars and thrashing drums, But, as always, the songwriting is outstanding. 'What You Are' is the best and most important album to be made by a Scot this year - it leaves Britpop standing. Don't dare miss it.