Hits And Missus The Mirror 1996

Ricky's wife is sternest critic'

Ricky Ross's first solo album since the split of Deacon Blue has the seal of approval from his sternest critic -his wife.

As Lorraine McIntosh was in the Glasgow Based band which had 17 top 40 hits in the late Eighties and early Nineties,she is perfectly qualified to comment.And Rickys What You Are  has been passed by its chief censor.

Ricky,38, says: "we play our tapes to each other and give honest opinions.We are our own best critics.

"Sometimes I'll come off set and she'll say ,I loved that one Why haven't I heard it before? and I have to explain that she has - she just didn't like it.Lorraine is trying to branch out and do her own thing too so I give my penny's worth - we have a good time swapping advice in the kitchen.

"You  have to give a lot of yourself when you  front an album.There's no time for excuses when your name is on the cover.I'm happy with the way it sounds but its not a year away yet.

"When you write songs have to write from your particular experience and hope that it will touch your listeners."

Music aside, Ricky's other great loves are his children and sport.Fine family man that he is,he's keen to share his enthusiasms with them.

"Its a little disturbing," says Ricky."I've got three girls who need to be educated about football - especially about Dundee United.

"I've written the last track on the album, Love Isn't Hard, Its Strong, for my youngest daughter who was just growing into her first year at the time.

"Your life changes a lot when you have children and it changed me.I'm calmer in a way."

Ricky is looking forward to playing at the Fleadh."Playing live is brilliant," he enthuses."Its going to be an excellent show this year.I can't wait." Sasha Jenson