Solo Singer Is Out Of The Blue Now Magazine 1996

Fan were aghast when Deacon Blue disbanded in 1994.The Scottish outfit fronted by Ricky Ross and his wife Lorraine McIntosh, had  enjoyed 17 top forty hits.The split coincided with the death of Ricky's father and lorraines second pregnancy.Ricky took time out to contemplate,and is back with a solo album, What You Are.

Q Why did you disband Deacon Blue when you were still enjoying success?

A All the original charm of the group lay in the fact that  we'd just go into the studio and work live.But circumstances had moved us a long way away from that, and things had started to slide for me creatively.We'd got to a stage where we were commissioning dance remixes of our songs, despite the fact that I have never aspired to playing that sort of music.The feeling was  that we should quit while we were still ahead, go out on a definate high.

Q You've put a lot of your life experiences into What You Are.Is this what people want to hear?

A Because of all that had been going on in my life, there was so much to say.the album is dedicated to my father and the title track was inspired by him.How can I expect others to be truly involved with my own music unless I put into it something of who I really am.

Q Are you a modern, hands-on father?

A You have to be.I like to spend time with daughters Emer,four, and Georgia,18 months.Yes, I was present at both births,but I won't go into that.