What You Are  Q Magazine July 1996

Having had the good sense to split Deacon Blue at the point where they'd become gold lame bomber- jacketed, Zooropa-cribbers, Ricky Ross attempts with this, his debut solo effort, to cast himself as a cool-referencing, US-flavoured altemative rocker. Produced by the Robb Brothers (Lemonheads, Buffalo Tom ) and mixed by fashionable Bostonian duo Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie (Belly, Dinosaur Jr.), the mood here is of country-tinged rock tailored for American college radio, though even the accomplished guitar washes fail to disguise the overall lack of strong material on offer.

Throughout, there is much to suggest that Ross's muse has largely deserted him, with the cornily distorted vocal of the title track and the dreadful, lumpen grunge of The Lovers the most notable follies. Tellingly, it is the -stripped down, piano-led tracks (When Sinners Fall, Love lsn't Hard It's Strong) that prove the most honest and effective. Tom Doyle