Me & My Health : Dougie Vipond
Daily Record 12th November 1997

Former Deacon Blue drummer Dougie Vipond has to keep fit for his outdoor role as presenter of the BBC's Big Country and Holiday programmes. He tells MARGARET MALLON about his health regime. 

How much exercise do you take? 

Lots! I play basketball three times a week and I like a game of football. But I'm out of action at the moment as I tore a ligament in my ankle. 

Describe your daily diet. 

For breakfast, I have toast and Marmite, orange juice and tea. Lunch is a sandwich and bag of crisps, and dinner is usually pasta. 

Do you take vitamin pills? 

I take a multi-vitamin and vitamin C supplement when I'm working as it's physically exhausting and I can get run down. 

How much sleep do you need? 

Ideally, around eight hours, but sometimes I have to make do with less if we're shooting a series. 

Have you ever been overweight? 

Yes, I was about a stone and a half too heavy when I was with Deacon Blue. 

Have you ever been in hospital? 

Last week, for my torn ligament, but never for anything serious. 

What was your worst health scare? 

I've never really had one, touch wood, except once when I thought I had a dodgy wisdom tooth. But it was fine. 

What's your unhealthiest habit? 

I'm a crisp addict. I eat around two packets a day - at least. 

What's your healthiest habit? 

Marmite. I've been told it's very good for you. 

Which part of your body do you like? 

The bit behind my ear. 

Which part of your body do you hate? 

My stomach. If I over-eat, it goes straight there. 

How do you cope with the pressures of life? 

With a large bag of smoky bacon crisps and a long bath. 

What's the best medicine? 

Exercise is the best preventative medicine of all.  Margaret Mallon