New Recording
Q Magazine November 1997

He used to be Unfab Sprout, the man who was even less cool than Paddy McAloon but knew how to write Top 10 hits. Then he was The Best Scottish Album Ever! Man, the backbone of every spurious Caledonian compilation. Then he was The Man Who Fell To Perth, on a semi-legendary Deacon Blue tour where he went all David Bowie.

Now Ricky Ross gives us his second solo album, on his own label, a collection of acoustic numbers with synth and string decoration, and a dull, slow, glum affair it is too, relying immensely on Ross's sherry-rough voice to sell the plodding tunes and distinctly atmosphereless atmospherics. There is a song called My Only Tie, which tragically is not about having just the one necktie. Ricky Ross is back and now he is The Grey Nile- Shame.* * David Quantick