Bye Bye, Blue  
This Is Lancashire 14th March 1998

Deacons are gone - but solo Ricky yearns to be with a band

RICKY Ross has revealed how life as a solo artist has left him yearning to join another band.The singer, who calls in at the Burnley Mechanics tonight, shot to fame as frontman with Scottish chart -toppers Deacon Blue.

But the past few years have seen Ricky taking the stage alone - armed only with an acoustic guitar and piano to hide behind.

"It's quite a different experience to be up on stage on your own," said Ricky, the voice behind hits like Raintown, Chocolate Girl and Wages Day."When you're with a band it is much less nerve-racking.I haven't looked back since Deacon Blue split up but I will be looking to join another group later this year.Playing with other musicians does take the pressure off a little."

Entitled The Voice and Soul of Deacon Blue, the new tour sees Ricky performing the songs in the way that he wrote them.He added: "Most of the tracks that I have been involved in were written using acoustic guitar or piano.This will be a little like going back to my roots.I also like the intimate feel of a solo acoustic show.People have to listen a lot more intently than they would at a rock 'n' roll type event."

Fans will be able to hear Ricky play tracks from the Deacon Blue albums Raintown and When The World Knows Your Name, as well as songs from his brand new solo album, New Recordings.

A few of the songs played will have formed part of the Greatest Hits album which went double-platinum after they group split in 1994. Ricky devoted much of 1994 to his family and spent most of '95 working on his first solo album featuring a backing band, What You.Are

He still looks fondly back on the Deacon Blue days but realises that the group is a closed chapter in his life.He added: "They were wonderful times and we keep in touch.But my new band will not feature any of the old Deacon Blue crew.
Simon Donohue