The Neptune Theatre Liverpool 20-3-98

"Welcome Home" yells a lively liverpudlian to which Ricky replies "It feels like home" and so it should as this 300 strong crowd made Ricky very welcome indeed.Arriving on stage at 9pm to the sound of busy train  platform Ricky emerged guitar in hand covered by a deep red light hiding his  features while he began the show with the Radio On B-side "Always Alone".

 With the crowd already under his spell he said a quick hello and swifty began  song two"Icarus" which didn't quite work as  Ricky informed us that he had  been given the wrong harmonica by his crew but the crowd forgave him,This  time!

 "What You Are" sounded great again displaying that amongst  the quite piano  songs Ricky still knows how to rock.

 Now for a bit of audience participation as Ricky asks the audience to sing the  chorus of the next track "The Germans Are Out Today" with him,everyones a bit  shy at first but its not too long before everyones joining in.The crowd now  limbered up go wild for the next song as Ricky daringly delivered "Real Gone  Kid" with Lorraines vocal parts being sung by every soul in the theatre Ricky's night was made a memorable one.

The set ended with his now familiar final song "Ash Wednesday",However he wasn't getting away that easily,The crowd wanted more and Ricky yielded to their cries.

"Wages Day" was yelled form the stalls and Ricky obliged before singing a Randy Newman song and leaving the stage again.But once again the crowd needed one  more song before they made their way home."Loaded" was the chosen crowd pleaser and please it did and with a bow and a wave Ricky left the stage. Neil Parry

Always Alone
I'm Sure Buddy Would Know
Back Here In Beanoland
The Further North You Go
Bethlehems Gate
On The Line/Dignity
Earth A Little Lighter
Cold Easter
What You Are
The Germans Are Out Today
Real Gone Kid
Undeveloped Heart/I'll Get You*
Born In A Storm/Raintown
Closing Time
Ash Wednesday
Wages Day
I'm Different**

* Beatles Song  ** Randy Newman song