Dignity Is The Name Of Ricky's Game

Ricky Ross Colchester Arts Centre 1.4.98 - Internet Gig Guide April 1998

SUCCESSFUL singers often have songs that haunt them, the hit from way back which is always requested, no matter how much their career has moved on. For Jon Bon Jovi it is Livin' on a Prayer, and for Ricky Ross it must be Dignity.

It must have been something of a relief to the ex-Deacon Blue frontman that he made it 40 minutes into his set before Dignity was mentioned, even if he was greeted on stage with the question "Where's the wife?"

In the four years since the band split Ross has been busy proving his solo worth, both as a performer and songwriter.Alone with his guitar and a grand piano, at a venue a long way from the usual big arenas, he showed the full range of his talents. The distinctive vocals and his laid back Scottish humour came across as they never could in those frantic Deacon Blue days.

Despite his vulnerable look, Ross seemed to thrive on the intimacy of the small venue. The mix was just right, recent material plus old favourites which found new life in the unplugged approach.

The last time I saw him on stage he looked like a man who was tired with what he was doing. Now he is clearly having fun again. He even gave in to the Dignity request and seemed to thoroughly enjoy doing it.Kim Lasky



My Only Tie
Good Evening Philadelphia
I'm Sure Buddy Would Know
I've Been Making Such A Fool
Love & Regret
The Further North You Go
Bethlehem's Gate
On The Line / Dignity
Earth A Little Lighter
Twist And Shout
What You Are
The Germans Are Out Today
Born In A Storm / Raintown
The Undeveloped Heart
Wages Day
Closing Time
Ash Wednesday
He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now