Real Gone Grown-Ups
Belfast Telegraph 29th November 1999

Deacon Blue, Ulster Hall

REMEMBER your first ever concert? My friend Grainne does. And last night all the memories came flooding back as Scottish rockers Deacon Blue came to town.The years might be catching up on lead singer Ricky Ross and Co but the voices and lyrics are as sharp as ever.

The crowd were more mature than the majority of the concerts I have been to but that didn't stop them enjoying themselves.It took a couple of songs for band and crowd to warm up but once the first bars of Real Gone Kid echoed around the hall, the night took off.Showing an ability to switch instantly from teak tough rock to tender reminiscence, the band had the crowd eating out of their hands.And it all built to a stunning climax with a rousing rendition of Dignity, Ross relegated to backing vocals early on as the crowd returned to their youth.

Then came the encore packed with memories - Your Town, Queen of the New Year and my personal favourite Chocolate Girl.Deacon Blue, who split up some years ago and reformed for this tour, say that this is their farewell.Those there last night hope that's not true. Bit if it is they certainly signed off in style.Peter McVerry