Me And My Car : Graeme Kelling; 
The Daily Record 3rd July 1999

My Sunbeam was too much of a sweetie.....

DEACON Blue guitarist Graeme Kelling has certainly moved on somewhat since his humble beginnings both band-wise and car-wise. 

As part of the multi-million selling outfit, Graeme travelled the world with the band and saw the inside of tour buses and planes more times than he cares to remember. 

But his first lone venture on the road was with a sporty Sunbeam Alpine. 

He says: "It was years and years ago, but it cost me only 125 pounds at the time. 

"It was a really, really, really cool car. The back windows came down on the horizontal, so that when the front windows also dropped the entire car was open to the elements. 

"It was a two door coupe. I had it for six months and I'd done everything to it. I spent wads on new tyres, a new carburettor and lots of other stuff. Then some lowlife went and put sugar in the petrol tank. 

"I don't know if you've ever tried to get sugar out of a petrol tank but the only way to sort it - rather than pouring hot tea in it - is to take the tank out and throw it away. 

"The sugar also went into the carburettor and knackered the engine. A few months after that, some gypsies came round the door and asked how much I wanted for the car. 

"Eventually I sold it to them because no-one else would take it. But then one day I went up to the demolition derby at Coatbridge and saw the Sunbeam firing round the track at 100mph with a big No6 on the side of it." 

Now he's got a Volkswagen Passat but. surprisingly, he's found problems with it. "It's a lemon," he insists. "Something goes wrong with it every two months."