Deacon Blue Fellow Hoodlums Q Magazine January 1999

Can the white man sing the blues? Not here,he can't.

Ex-teacher and Deacon Blue frontman Ricky Ross was much given to public wondering about the quality of his band's blue- eyed soul, even going so far as to pen a song called Can The White Man Sing The Blues?

Deacon Blue enjoyed spasmodic success with singles like Wages Day and Real Gone Kid, but by the time Fellow Hoodlums happened along in 1991 they were on their creative uppers and patently desperate for inspiration.

Songs like A Brighter Star Than You Will Shine or the would-be Springsteenesque The Day Jackie Jumped The Jail were as overwrought and overwritten as their titles, and overall Fellow Hoodlums sounds like a band trying way, way too hard.Ian Gittins