ROSS: DEAL  Glasgow Evening Times January 1999

Ricky’s on the hunt for a new contract.

RICKY ROSS is looking forward to making his Celtic Connections debut at the end of this month.He can then get on with the business of sorting out a new record deal!The former Deacon Blue frontman had a busy 1998, releasing his worthy second solo album New Recording, and touring.

But its acoustic nature meant Ross never had any illusions about it being a mouth-watering commercial prospect.“I wanted to get that album out because I had a group of songs perfect in an acoustic vein,” says the singer.“Now I’m back writing and recording demos more suited to a band format again and the plan this year is to get a new recording deal”

One of the new band members is likely to be Ricky’s wife Lorraine with whom he has rarely worked since the demise of Deacon Blue four years ago.They’d like to work more together and they new material certainly lends it’s self to that, Ross believes.Although Ricky is keen to work with other musicians again he doesn’t have any intention of forming a full time band again.

“At my age that’s the last thing I need to go through,” he laughs. “I’ve been working with people like Mick Slaven and Jim Prime, who’ll both be playing on the live dates with me, and I’d prefer to sort out a working arrangement in that way. I’m really confident about how things will go this year.

“The new material is another progression for me and I’m looking forward to getting out there and performing with a group again.”.Fraser Middleton