Deacon Blue Reunion
Glasgow S.E.C.C. Clyde Auditorium 1st June 1999

Having had my ticket resting safely on my bookshelf for two months and having travelled many miles, you could say I was looking forward to this gig.For like many others this was a day I never thought I'd see again.Deacon Blue back to doing what they do best ,in front of their ever appreciative home crowd.Having spent the last couple of years watching Ricky playing solo in clubs that didn't always deserve him,the Clyde Auditorium was a refreshing change,it was big,stunningly designed but most importantly full!!!

You could feel the anticipation in the 3000 strong crowd and when those lights finally dimmed you could certainly hear them."Born In A Storm / Raintown" got round 2 of this Deacon Blue reunion trilogy under way and away it was with the stalls bouncing right from the off. By the time the fifth song "Twist And Shout" had got under way the first three rows of the stalls had already leapt from their seats and set up camp at the edge of stage.The ushers were not pleased but Ricky and Lorraine didn't mind,they went straight down and shook hands and kissed (yes Ricky I saw you!!) the faithful who by this time were in a state of delirium.

The whole band looked and sounded great,having spent the last five years apart you would have forgiven them for being a little short of match practice.But no such forgiveness was required ,they were as slick and as tight as ever.Everything was effortlessly executed to perfection.Was this Deacon Blue back to their best?  No  it was Deacon Blue even better! Because for the first time in their career Deacon Blue were a two guitar band.Mick Slaven who has spent the last 3 years as Rickys right hand man had been asked to join the band for the reunion gigs and his presence added a new dimension to the sound of Deacon Blue adding that crucial acoustic guitar rhythm to tracks like "Your Town" and "Orphans" while Greame played lead.

In summery it was superb,Ricky rocked Lorraine danced her way around the stage and well, do Jim,Dougie,Greame and Ewen ever disappoint? Of course not.If this trilogy of gigs is the end of Deacon Blue then it will be a great shame but something tells me we haven't seen the last of the Real Gone Kids.  Neil Parry