The Very Best Of Deacon Blue
Q Magazine December 2001

2 CD spanning 15 years on pop's crazy board game. More snakes than ladders of late

In keeping with the fact that he made it just as he turned 30, Deacon Blue's Ricky Ross always had the air of a man trying that bit too hard: all bulgy veins and forced Celtic authenticity. Still, though his band's love of 80's production meant their music was never going to age well, only a churl would deny the majesty of their run of hits: Chocolate Girl, Wages Day, Fergus Sings The Blues and the rather wonderful Real Gone Kid.

From there they tried to go all post-modern , split up and regrouped in 1999. Lessons had been learned - on Homesick and When You Were A Boy the old air of borderline pomposity is notably absent - but a cruel irony awaited them; when bombastic silliness is your brand value , you abandon it at your peril. ***  John Harris