My bookmarks: Ricky Ross - The Daily Telegraph 26th April 2001

Ricky Ross is the lead singer of the 1980s pop band Deacon Blue. The Scottish group have reunited and will be releasing their new album Homesick on Monday

Sportsound: BBC online
I HATE not being in Scotland on a Saturday afternoon. For all its underachievements, for its petty, small and mean outlook, I love Scottish football. Sportsound, and its online equivalent (allowing anoraks like me the chance to pick the commentary for their favourite team), is the best service around.

American Fox Terrier Club
The American fox-terrier page is where we first found the breed of dog we love. Soon after my first visit, we acquired Phamie the fox-terrier. Looking back at the pages now, I realise we should have gone deeper into the site and discovered Phamie's tail should really have been straighter! The serious faces of fox-terriers always makes me think of PG Wodehouse's grumpy Scottish golf champions. They always had wiry hair and a pipe and only ever muttered a few sentences one of which was usually "Harrumph."

The web at its worst and best. Any musician who is online and claims not to have used this is lying. In a perfect world, Napster would survive and, er, money would grow on trees.

Glasgow Skyline
The interactive message board for people who like Deacon Blue and my own music. It is the only place to go for instant feedback. Most regulars are committed fans but it can air some healthy gripes. If I don't check it regularly, someone usually e-mails me to alert me to some local controversy!

You can read music news without having to understand rockspeak. Music writing without a pimply-hack conduit!

BBC online
Great resource for everything. I listen to Radio 1, 2 and 4 and use the resource pages.

I am inclined not to give a free advert as it is not well enough stocked. However, it saves a hike through the aisles with children in tow.