Deacon Blue Interview Dotmusic 1st May 2001

Deacon Blue may well have been out of the public eye for a while but they certainly haven't been idle.There's a new album, 'Homesick', their first since 1993's 'Whatever You Say, Say Nothing'. And they're hitting the road for a major UK tour in support.

dotmusic met up with frontman Ricky Ross to find out what the band have been up to since we saw them last. Click on the play buttons above to watch the full video interview or read the edited highlights below.

On the return of Deacon Blue: "It's been seven years since our greatest hits album, it's been nine years since we recorded our last album and eight years since that came out, so it's a long time but things happen.

"When we stopped in '94 it was because we didn't want to make another Deacon Blue album. It had stopped but we never said 'that's it'. And because we still saw each other and because there was room to talk there was always a possibility of doing something when it was creatively right.

"Two things prompted the reunion - the first thing was that we did a tour (in 1999). That happened because I phoned up the guys and asked if they were interested in doing a charity show I was involved in and that went really well.

"Then we did a tour and that was really good fun to do. Then there was the possibility of recording again but I started work on my own album. What happened was that I talked to the label about doing my record and they asked about the possibility of doing a Deacon Blue record as well.

"A lot of stuff I'd written over the past five or six years I thought was really good but I could imagine it being Deacon Blue. And that's how it ended up being this way."

On the new album: "One thing I realised was that in my head we made albums and the perception was that we made singles. Therefore when I was thinking about making this record I thought that I'd just like to make this a really approachable pop record - if it's not a single chuck it out.

"I spoke to Jim when we started writing and I said about taking this approach so if it's not a hit, just chuck it. So that became the editing process and things didn't get recorded unless we thought it was a potential single. It's like the second Deacon Blue album in that it's very approachable and you can get into it."

On fitting into the current musical climate: "When you get to my age you've seen bands come and you've seen bands go - people make good records at different points in their lives. People make great records when they're young and then don't make another one until they're much older.

"It's almost immaterial, you just make a good record and not try and kid on that you're twenty years younger. Music's always the same, there's good things and bad things out there. I love that new band Starsailor, I think they're great."

On balancing two careers: "I think one of the frustrating things then was that I wanted to do other things. Now everyone's doing their own stuff but wants to do Deacon Blue when the time is right. I've got my own record coming out, Dougie (Vipond, drums) is doing a lot of broadcasting, Ewen (Vernel, bass) is working with Capercaillie and other bands, Jim (Prime, keyboards) is doing film scores, Lorraine (McIntosh, vocals) does acting."

On the future: "Every time we do something we try not to close the door and see what happens and without setting a career path. The next thing is to see how everything goes with our individual lives. I'd love to think we'll do it again."