Undiminished Quality Makes For A Happy Return
ED Press 14th May 2001

Deacon Blue University of Anglia

Deacon Blue may have gone for a few years, but they clearly have not been forgotten by an army of fans. The Scottish band who enjoyed chart success in the 80s and early 90s always had a grown-up sound and that probably explains their enduring popularity. Singer Ricky Ross told his rather mature audience: "I remember you when you were students."

The reformed band were on the third night of their tour to promote the album, Homesick, but there were plenty of chances to hear the old favourites like Dignity, Twist And Shout, Loaded and Fergus Sings The Blues. The new material was well received, and the next single A Is For Astronaut showed the band has still got what fans seek. Ross maintained a terrific rapport with the audience. At one point he yelled "East Anglia is rocking tonight" and somehow managed to make it sound cool. Lorraine McIntosh is a co-singer rather than a backing singer and the blend of vocals is what makes such a special sound. there was no jaded act running through their greatest hits. On last night's showing Deacon Blue are still every bit as good as they were at their peak. Sean Atkins