Homesick  Q Magazine  June 2001

Key Tracks: Rae, Out There, I Am Born

Since disbanding Deacon Blue seven years ago, Ricky Ross's solo career consistently failed to take off, and so their reunion late last millennium was entirely foreseeable. Surprisingly, given that their last studio album (1993's Paul Oakenfold-produced Whatever You Say, Say Nothing) was a thematic mess, Homesick is a decent Deacon Blue record that plays to the band's strengths: solid songs, impassioned lyrics and lovely backing vocals all executed with disarming subtlety. The opening Rae is probably the band at their most tender (and Burt Bacharach-inspired) yet, Out There is similarly stripped down but sweetly melodic, and while the remaining songs attempt few surprises, they're earnest, heartfelt and decidedly fan-friendly. A return to form of sorts.

Reviewed by Nick Duerden