With Dougie Vipond  The Scotsman 24ths April 2001

What are your newspapers ?

The Scotsman because I got fed up with the Herald and because my sister-in-law works for The Scotsman. My wife has a major say on the papers we read. You probably wanted me to say something about the quality of writing ... I also read the Evening Times because I write for it.

Which TV show would you set your video for?

The West Wing - if only all television could be like this.

Which internet sites do you have bookmarked?

The most important site on the internet is St Mirrenís ( I canít log on without having a wee peek. The BBC site is also a cracker for news and research, and has all you could possibly want to know about most sports, plus tons of stuff you never, ever need. It doesnít half make you feel like a smart arse, though, when you drop into conversation that Jock Wood scored 41 goals for East Fife in season 1926/27. Stat-tastic!

Do you buy magazines?

Hello! - obviously. I used to buy mags like Arena, GQ or Esquire, but I quickly realised that there is nothing worth reading in any of them. A book does the job so much better. Also, with the arrival of Loaded all the mags became clones with a scantily clad girl on the front, a high adrenalin/cholesterol article, a how-to-drive-your-lady-wild-in-the-sack article and a fashion section for chaps with a thinner waistline than me. Although if anyone was to leave a copy of Loaded lying around, it would be churlish not have a wee look.

Do you listen to radio?

I tend to be a Radio Five Live junkie and have it on wherever I am. I love how they can be having a frivolous chat about plook treatments then immediately change the tone to deal with a weighty news issue. Peter Allen is king!

Favourite station/show?

Jonathan Ross on Radio 2 on Saturday mornings, Five Live Drive with Jane Garvie and Peter Allen, Radio Scotlandís Sportsound with Richard Orden - the man with a brain the size of the Sporting Life website - and On and Off the Ball with Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan. These two have become an institution - or perhaps they should be institutionalised. Miranda Fettes