Ross Aims To Become A Real Gone Comeback Kid
Edinburgh Evening News 30th November 2001

But can Ricky Ross and chums honestly hope to reignite their faltering careers with their recent album, Homesick? Apparently not.

When the group last played the Edinburgh Playhouse, in May this year, the concert was a bizarre sight. Fans ecstatically rose from their seats on hearing the first few bars of hits like Dignity, Wages Day and Real Gone Kid but new material like A Is For Astronaut proved B is for boring, even for the faithful.

With the "comeback" album nestling comfortably in the bargain bins and the obligatory Best Of collection out, Ross has been pioneering a new form of songwriting.

"Iíve started using my mobile phone to write songs when Iím walking," says the frontman.

"Whenever something comes into my head, I phone the answering machine at home and sing myself a message."

Whatever works for you, Ricky.