This Is The Life May 2002

Wow, this record has it. After the success of Deacon Blues "Homesick" in Great-Britain and two sold-out tours across the British motherland, Ricky Ross continues consistently and without taking a break.

The frontman of Deacon Blue continues his songwriter career in the same vein. "This is the life" reminds strongly of Deacon Blue yet it is very different from it. This is best displayed by Ricky's solo-guitarist Mick Slaven, who also was heavily involved with the production of the album. Ricky Ross is also very close to the perfect pop song. This is a moody album in a way that is rarely found on other CD's. Take no. 4 "Angel &Mercedes". A song that has "HIT" written all over it. The modern electronic intro has Mick Slaven and his guitar file in at the end of the song.

And Ricky Ross can, after his experiences, again write about God without any false sentiment and quite naturally. This is best expressed in the refrain of "Angel & Mercedes". "Cause angel and Mercedes took me where heaven is. Angel and Mercedes took me where heaven is."

In the opener "Northern soul" Ricky Ross is even more explicit : "From every breaking dawn through to midnights ghostly toll I thank him for the life in your northern soul." A more careful and fragile love song I have never heard.
Of course this album is only available through expensive import. Once again the music industry's bosses have been sleeping and rather put their money on faceless marketing products that are as rich in content as instant soup during lunch break.