Home Truths : Ricky Ross
The Daily Mirror 11th May 2002

Ricky Ross has enjoyed massive success as lead singer and songwriter with Deacon Blue. He lives in Glasgow with wife and co-band member, Lorraine, and three of his four children. He has just finished a solo UK tour and is promoting his album This Is The Life. Jon Mellor finds out about his home life.

What do you remember about your child- hood in Dundee?

My Dadís frustration that Iíd bring my pals round to play football in the garden even though there was a park across the way. You need an enclosed space to kick the ball against a wall so we used to batter the hell out of the fence, hit windows and Dad would threaten to ban us.

Where do you live now?

Iíve lived on the South side of Glasgow for nearly 20 years. In 1994 we moved into our present house, which is a detached Edwardian house, built in 1917.

How much did you do to the interior?

Very little. When we moved in it was beautiful. The only thing we did was gut the kitchen and study to make a large, long kitchen. We tend to live in it a lot and when friends come round we end up there.

What most attracted you to the house?

It was in a lovely setting. The garden is very enclosed and it feels like a house in the country. Plus the rose garden and a stained glass window that says Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May. Itís a beautiful bit of Edwardian detail. That was a selling point. believe it or not.

Do you have a music room?

We had a dining room which we never used, so we converted it into a music room with a piano and a computer, which I can record demos on. The kids use it too and they all play piano.

And do you display your gold discs?

No. I think they're ugly. They Just make you look sad. Theyíre all in the attic gathering dust, apart from one that I gave to my mum, which sheís got up in her bathroom. Jon Mellor