This Is The Life
Making Music Magazine May 2002
Issue 193

(Papillon) 4 1/2 stars out of 5

By rights, Ricky Ross shouldn't be making albums as good as this. His third solo LP knocks spots off last year's Deacon Blue comeback album, "Homesick", its sandpaper-rough vitality a revelation from an artist almost 15 years past his "Top of The Pops" peak. Urged on by a raw, enthusiastic band who sound like they've been shoehorned from a garage rehearsal, the Scot flings out exuberant Teenage Fanclub melodies ("Starring Love", "Hippy Girl") and acoustic slow-burners which wouldn't embarrass Ed Harcourt or Sparklehorse. If he was a young southerner or eccentric Yank, they'd be saying he was the next big thing. Peter Bate