Carling Academy Glasgow 30th December 2003
The Sunday Mail 4th January 2004

With a gruelling set list of around 20 tracks, Deacon Blue clearly haven't lost their touch.

The title track from 1987's Raintown and a fresh-sounding rendition of Real Gone Kid from 1989's When The World Knows Your Name quickly brought the fans out of their shells.

The momentum was maintained with legendary anthems Wages Day and Loaded.

After some drivel about Christmas in Glasgow, the atmosphere flattened as frontman Ricky Ross sat down at a keyboard for a couple of tracks.

But the band were soon back on form with the excellent The World Is Lit By Lightning.

And this show's touch paper was really lit after a bit of old-fashioned Scottish patriotism Ricky teased the crowd by saying Fergus Sings The Blues was the real national anthem.

This classic was followed by a powerful and poignant version of Dignity, belted out so loudly by the crowd that Ricky and Lorraine McIntosh were drowned out and ended up waving their mics above the crowd in awe.

The band then said farewell in triumphant style with When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring) and Chocolate Girl. Mickey Mcmonagle