Deacon Blue Star For Belfast
Belfast Telegraph 28th April 2005

Singer-songwriter recalls Europa bomb

Singer-songwriter Ricky Ross is coming back to Belfast in high summer - and the Deacon Blue star is hoping it will be a wee bit different this time.

For in December 1991, he and his pregnant wife Lorraine McIntosh ended up crawling across the floor of their room in the Europa Hotel after a car bomb caused mayhem.

"And suddenly I spied an envelope being pushed under the door amid the chaos and the wreckage of the blown-in windows," 47-year-old Ricky recalls.

It turned out to be a greeting card of appreciation from a fan.

"That really said a lot about the Belfast attitude to life," declares Ricky, whose daughter Emir is now 13.

"We were scared and yet here was this padded envelope being pushed under the door."

In recollection of that nerve-wracking time, Ricky has dedicated She Gets Me Inside - a track on his new album Pale Rider - to Lorraine, who still sings with him in Deacon Blue.

"The title came to me during a quiet walk a million miles away from terrorist bomb experiences," explains Ricky, who will be at the Empire on June 19 in a solo acoustic gig.

"It's a straightforward love song for a great lady who stayed so calm that night in the Europa."

She Gets Me Inside is being released today as the first single from the Pale Rider CD.

Another track is History, which Ross wrote for Deacon Blue bandmate Graeme Kelling who died last June from cancer.

"He was just my age, too young to die. We were close, drifted apart and close again. When he became ill we almost got back to how we were."

Another Ross song on the album is In the End, which is also in memory of Kelling.

"It's a simple song about the last night I saw him. His wife Julie loves it." Eddie McIlwaine