Pale Rider : Ricky Ross
The Sunday Times 1st May 2005

In his solo career, Ricky Ross seems to have managed the clever trick of being different enough from Deacon Blue to alienate that bandıs considerable fan base, while not being different enough to tempt Deacon Blue-haters to give the man another chance. This time round, Ross has given the producer's chair to the Pearlfishersı David Scott, and the combination of Ross and Scott proves to be a match made in heaven.

Pop heaven, that is. Weıre currently swamped with new bands trying to sound like the mid-1960s, but Scott has been reinventing classic 1960s pop for years, and he does it better than anyone. His delicate touch frames Rossıs best collection of songs yet, ranging from the Beach Boys harmonies of Soundtrack to the Summer to the Celtic soul of Kichijoji. Pale Rider is an unexpected treat. Four stars Mark Edwards