The Great Lakes : McIntosh Ross
The Skinny 27th August 2009

Deacon Blue have been relatively quiet since 2001 - a gig here, a best-of there. It's tempting, therefore, to imagine Ricky Ross and co spending their downtime sailing up the west coast through villages and towns on that ship called Dignified Retirement. With The Great Lakes, the band's twin voices (and husband and wife) Ross and Lorraine McIntosh have instead taken a more rewarding route, tackling a solo-project staple oft-favoured by mature musicians - the stripped-back Americana record. They've gone the whole hog too, recording in Los Angeles and chucking in banjo and crooning harmonies aplenty, but it's a shame they've allowed their once-distinct accents to melt into American drawls. That aside, this is a rich reminder of a brace of under-celebrated talents - wholly unoriginal perhaps, but ebbing with pedal-steel cries, laissez-faire melodies and late night tears. So pour a sour mash whiskey and get yourself reacquainted. Chris Buckle