Ricky's Lookng For The Joy Of X
The Scottish Sun 24th January 2011

DEACON Blue frontman Ricky Ross wants to emulate his hero Bob Dylan — by having one of his hits covered on X Factor.

Dundee-born Ricky says seeing one of his songs performed on the show would be the ultimate compliment. Ricky, 53, said: “I’m lucky, I’ve had songs that have been around for 20 years or so.

“It’s great when it still means something to people. It’s thrilling. “You’d be less human if you didn’t get a buzz when something you did was carried on. “I think that’s all you’re ever doing, just passing stuff on. “Songs are meant to last years.”

Ricky is marking Dylan’s 70th birthday in May by playing two of the legend’s songs on his weekly BBC Radio Scotland show for the rest of the year.

The US music hero had ballad Make You Feel My Love covered on the ITV talent contest twice last year.

The track, from his 1997 album Time Out Of Mind, was sung by Scots-based Gamu Nhengu as well as Annastasia Baker. And in 2008, pop sensation Adele’s rendition reached No4 in the UK charts.

Ricky said: “One of my grumpier pals was moaning when it was covered on X Factor and somebody said it was Adele’s song. I thought she was brilliant at it. And I think it’s great that kids think it’s an Adele song.

“They don’t think about the writer — they just think it’s a song they love. That says all you need to know about Dylan.”

Ricky will also be presenting highlights of a Celtic Connections tribute to the Blowin’ In The Wind singer on Radio 2, on February 7. He added: “Bob’s been hugely inspirational to me — and millions of others. In songwriting terms, you have to put Bob into the same category as The Beatles.

“So many people got into music because of him. Over the years, his voice has been slagged off and some people think it’s terrible, but he’s got a great voice.”