Deacon Blue : The Hipsters
Mojo October 2012

It's the return of the Real Gone Kids

The title is deliberately ironic, Deacon Blue are not hip, never were. Ricky Ross and his other half, backing singer Lorraine Mcintosh, consider themselves among the great uncool, For a decade they proved unstoppable providers of chart records that ranged from charm-filled to harmless. Now they are back with their first album since 2001's Homesick and, amid the sparse opening track Here I Am In London, Ross recalls how it all began for the band and muses about what the immediate future holds. Judging by the content of this album, which contains such portions of well-bred pop as Stars and the harmony-laden Turn, there's enough creativity left to ensure that few hearing these songs for the first time on the band’s imminent 25th Anniversary Tour will be disappointed. Fred Dellar