Deacon Blue get the audience swaying
Swindon Advertiser 11th December 2013

WITH the few remaining people finding their seats at 8.30pm on Sunday, the lights in the New Theatre’s auditorium begin to dim and rapturous applause begins as Deacon Blue take to the stage.

The opening notes of Circus Lights rang out and the crowd immediately began to sing along. By the time the group launched into Your Swaying Arms and Queen of the New Year, the audience was up on their feet, clapping and singing along.

The tempo – and dancing in the seats – slowed as The Long Window To Love was performed and we were in our seats for the next four songs. But as soon as the first chords of Real Gone Kid struck up everyone returned to their feet.

After a preview of Stars, which comes from their forthcoming Christmas e.p., singer Ricky Ross took a seat behind the keyboards from When Will You. For the members of the audience that felt hungry, Chocolate Girl, went down a treat and by the penultimate song the whole theatre was in full voice.

The lights dimmed and a spotlight fell on Rick who told the crowd about the Christmas e.p. As this was going on there was a quick stage change, giving it a festive make-over complete with Christmas trees, lights and even two blow up reindeer before Deacon Blue launched into their new single, You’ll Know It’s Christmas.

A good and lively night was had by all.

Shane Leach