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13th July 2023


Ricky Ross Chords

What You Are

New Recording

This Is The Life

Pale Rider

She Gets Me Inside
Boys Break The Things They Love The Most
If You've Got The Time It's Gonna Take
The Streets Are Covered In Snow
Soundtrack To The Summer
In This World
Pale Rider
I Know It's Only Sunday
In The End

Trouble Came Looking

Trouble Came Looking
Now I Smoke, Like I Used To Pray
Any Drug Will Do
The Fear
How Will The Heart Survive
A Strange And Foreign Land
Sang O’ The Saracen Maid
We Shall Overcome The Whole Wide World
Good Man
Nothing More Than Travelling Now
Taxi Drivers Ride The Lights
Holy Night

Short Stories Vol 1

I Thought I Saw You
I'm Supposed To Love You
At My Weakest Point
The Kid At The Airport
Goin' Back
A Gordon For Me
The Germans Are Out Today
I Was Right And You Were Wrong
Only God And Dogs
Siggi The Bully
Wages Day

B Sides