One Hundred Things
Words And Music By Ricky Ross

Bb X13331
Am X02210
Dm XX0231
C X32010
G 320001
F 133211

Bb                                 Am
Poorly you`re more than poorly Jimmy
Bb                  Am
More than that worse than that

Dm                                       C
This is a case of photographs smudged and dropped and laughed at
Dm                                                   C
Here`s some things that came in post letters never sent but wrote
Shelves of books not opened browsed in and bored you
Unlocked things that should have been fastened down

           Bb                          Am 
To be burned to be burned Jimmy
To be gone forever

                 F                G
So you`re down town raking bins
                F                  G
Through carry outs and skins
     F           G                        F            G              
To find the hundred things that led you here
So you`re down town raking bins
Through carry outs and skins
To find the hundred things that led you here

Long night walking hills scratched and cut bruised and hurt
With all your tension and your guilt
Stories of the beer and care and speed you spilled
Pleased at your speaking worried by the content
About this love and this land and this firmament
Forgotten how to dream started just to scream

Bb                            Am
Forgotten to return to return Jimmy
To fight your way back


Bb                        Am
Tired well I`m tired too Jimmy
Bb                       Am
More than that I`m angry at that

(Dm  & C)
Well now that I`m finished this small town world seems so much bigger
It didn`t seem important then between jobs and flags and parliaments
But our small time world seems bigger and maybe more worth fighting for
Maybe at the heart of things they`ll be clowns and we`ll be kings